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What’s Kim Kardashians secret skin regime?

Kim Kardashian amongst other A-listers have been known to make dermaplaning their ‘go-to’ treatment pre red carpet events.

Some of many benefits of Dermaplaning include:

Flawless make-up application

Removal of ‘peach fuzz’ vellus hair

Deeper penetration of products

Brighter And more even skin tone

Reduces fine lines

Read on for more information

Kim K’s Derm: The Secrets to Flawless Skin

Meet Dr. Harold Lancer (@drlancerrx): Hollywood’s skincare guru, and the person behind Kim Kardashian’s dewey glow. This week, we were lucky enough to speak with this absolute gem, and ask him all the things we’ve been dying to know, namely, HOW DO WE GET (AND MAINTAIN FOREVER & EVER) THE PERFECT SKIN. Peep his story, advice and skincare secrets below!

How long have you been in this industry, and, what would you say are your areas of specialty within dermatology?

I have had my Beverly Hills practice for over 30 years now and when it comes to areas of specialty in dermatology, three areas are really emphasized:

(1) A third of the practice is medical dermatology. That includes acne, eczema, psoriasis, various inflammatory and infectious diseases, among other skin concerns.

(2) Another third of it will be cosmetic events but not just injectables. I focus on a variety of laser treatments to restore and maintain complexion, from head to toe.

(3) Then the third and main specialty has to do with scar revision. This is done almost exclusively with repetitive multi-type laser, energy based devices (EBD).

Tell us about your personal method and the reason you suggest exfoliating first

The Lancer Method is a system free of gimmicks or miracle ingredients, which as a medical doctor, was important to me. The three-part Method harnesses essential dermatological science coupled with my own experience working with patients at my private practice to provide a simple and effective skin care regimen. Many people are also surprised to find that I recommend exfoliating before cleansing, which is quite different than most other skin care regimens, but helps provide a more thorough cleansing.

Cleansing the skin after polishing allows for the debris that has been lifted by the exfoliation process to be fully swept away, giving skin a more thorough cleansing. I often compare this action to refinishing a tile floor. An analogy I like to use: You need to first chisel away the old, worn out tiles before you sweep away the debris and lay down the fresh, new floor.

Everyone’s been talking about dermaplaning lately – what is this, and why do people do it?

Dermaplaning employs a very specific rounded blade (it’s rounded as opposed to sharp edge blade that does cutting), which prompts superficial, mechanical exfoliation of dead skin cells and peach fuzz hair. Under the care of a trained professional, it is perfectly safe.

We typically perform dermaplaning in the office before some sort of peel is done for improved penetration. Some people employ dermaplaning as a maintenance protocol before a big event because it allows for seamless makeup application.

We work out super often – what’s   the best way to prevent sweat induced breakouts?

While people typically don’t like to bathe in the locker rooms where they work out, thorough head to toe cleansing immediately after your exercise program is very important. Allow your skin to fully cool down before putting your clothes on and avoid putting on makeup right away. Let your skin breathe.

What are your tips for maintaining a youthful complexion – beyond the proper     sunscreen usage, hydration and    diet?

Having a diligent home skincare routine is important, you want to get to the point in life where you’re not using cosmetic color to hide things.

Also stress management, healthy sleep habits and regular exercise are critical aspects of lifestyle management that will drive overall good health and youthful look of the skin.

On that topic, how much water do you suggest daily?

I recommend that my patients drink approximately 64 ounces of fresh water daily. This number does fluctuate depending on a person’s stature and lifestyle, but is an excellent goal to strive for. Many of my patients notice a vast improvement in the look of their skin when they begin to increase their water intake.

Let’s talk botox. Should people be starting this in their 20s?

I don’t believe in pre-emptively starting Botox. If you’re raising your eyebrows or expressing anger, you’re supposed to have lines, they allow you to be facially expressive.

When you have visible lines present at rest, that’s when Botox may become an option.

We all know that tanning is terrible for your skin – what about spray tanning? 

Spray tanning is perfectly fine, but it requires an incredible effort to maintain, as once it begins to fade, you need to properly scrub down from head to toe.

What are your views on at-home facials? Gels, masks, etc. – are they actually doing anything for our skin?

High-quality masks are completely functional as part of an at-home facial routine. If they are used regularly as they are supposed to and part of an overall skincare program, they can help to improve and maintain complexion.

What are the most common skincare mistakes you see women make?

The first is not following a proper skincare program. Be mindful of implicating so many different products from different companies, into a single routine. The chemistry across the various brands may not match up and a chemical reaction can result, ultimately altering the performance of your products.

Another mistake is not being under the care of a board-certified dermatologist. It’s important to see a dermatologist once or twice a year to ensure skin health.

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