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Price List*

Anti-Wrinkle Injections:

Botox for one site from £200

Botox for two sites from £270

Botox For three sites from £330

Botox Platysma Bands (Nefertiti Necklift) from £350

Botox for Masseter Muscles (Jaw Slimming) from £350

Lip Flip From £80

Gummy Smile £180 or £70 as additional

Bunny Lines £180 or £70 as additional

Chin Dimpling £180 or £70 as additional


(excessive sweating) 

From £450

Dermal Filler:

From £270 per 0.7ml

From £300 per 1ml

Tear Trough £450

Jawline £550

Hyalase (reversal of fillers) £275

Facial Range:

Vitamin Loaded Facial + Dermaplaning £225

Microtox Facial £250

Million Dollar Facial £149

Million Dollar Body from £149

Million Dollar Male from £149

Microneedling Facial From £110

Dermaplaning Deluxe facial £80

Dermaplane Facial £65

Microneedling Hair Rejuvenation £75 per session

Skin Booster:

One Treatment £180

Package of Three Treatments £500


One Treatment £300

Two Treatments £550

Fat Dissolving Injections

Small Area £150

Medium Area £250

Large Area £350


Obagi Blue Radiance Peel £95

Package of 3 : £260

Vitamin Injections:

B12 £37.50

Biotin £37.50

Glutathione £75

B Complex (fat burner) £45


Skin Tag, Wart Removal, Verruca, Age Spots £80 for One, £40 per subsequent.

Millia Removal /Extraction £80

Obagi Product List:

See our Online Store For latest Obagi products and prices.

*All prices are subject to consultation. 

* Mobile treatments also available within 10 miles of our postcode and subject to an additional £75 charge

Price List: Text
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