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Meet the Team

Hi Everyone,

So lockdown 3.0... Hopefully we are nearing a sense of normality. We are eager to be back to business as usual and rolling out some of our new treatments. For our new followers, the lovely Emma already said a big Hello and so, seems only right that I do the same and introduce myself.

I’m Ruth, co-founder of Simply Skin Clinic. I qualified as a nurse in 2011. I completed my aesthetic training with Derma-Medical. I also qualified as a Platinum Technician with the Million Dollar Training company, specialising in Dermaplaning and Microneedling. I am now also a #phibrows student.

Why is this so important?

To reiterate what Emma said, aesthetic treatments like all medical treatments carry a degree of risk. When treatments are carried out by medically-trained professionals, these risks are greatly reduced. Emma and I are a lovely team that compliment each other’s skill set. We both believe in continuous professional development and grab any opportunity to bring you current, safe treatments.

Outside of Simply Skin.

I also work in A&E (see picture below before Covid!) and Oncology in both the NHS and private sector. I very much love being a nurse and believe keeping in touch with my first love of medicine keeps me up to date with my practice. Myself and my husband live in a little village in Winchester with our 2 year old daughter, Amelia and soon to be another new member of our little unit. I love baking, holidays and singing.

Can’t wait to see you all again soon and hear how you have kept sane/busy during these strange times. Feel free to message us some inspiring ideas-I’m running out of fun things for my toddler!

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