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Deluxe Facials

We offer a range of deluxe gel masks. 

These masks can restore the skin’s hydration balance, due to the moisturising properties of the marine algae extracts in its composition. Its glucose content reinforces the hydrating effect of this mask. A unique and exclusive Algae Peel-Off Facial Mask.

This mask sets facilitating the penetration of the active ingredients contained in the mask and the cream applied to the skin. This mask can also be applied over the eyes and on the lips treating areas neglected by other masks.

It provides a draining effect reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Who is this for? All skin types. Unisex formula.

Each mask contains one of the active ingredients seen below, which will you choose? 

PALE PINK: Seaweed, restores the skin’s hydration balance, moisturising properties. Glucose,  reinforces the hydrating effect of this mask.

RED: Extracts of goji berries and quinoa seeds which contain components that have antioxidants and stimulating effects on the skin to help strengthen the natural protective barrier from free radicals.

24 KARAT GOLD DUST: minerals and seaweed extracts that revitalises and remineralises the skin.

PALE BLUE: regenerating and anti-irritant peel off mask that has soothing and softening benefits which stimulates the generation of new cells and helps prevent further signs of ageing.

CHARCOAL: detoxifying and moisturising mask that provides excellent hydration and facial muscle toning due to its spectacular cold effect. The 6 degree temperature drop provides an antiageing and decongesting effect on the skin.

Upgrade your Dermaplane facial, Million Dollar Facial, or can be a great stand alone treatment.

Deluxe Facials: Service
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