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My Million Dollar Facial

The Million Dollar Facial. It sounds luxurious, and it is luxurious.

Most people would run a mile if someone asked to scalpel your hair off and roll needles over your face, however I am a big believer in the saying ‘practice what you preach’.

It is important to me as a Nurse and the ethos of Simply Skin Clinic to only offer treatments that we truly believe in, so it seemed only logical to offer myself up for the luxurious treatment.

It claims to work your skin from the outside in, deeply exfoliate skin cells, remove non terminal hair, polish the skin and flush out toxins. It also increases the absorption of anything that comes into contact with the face by 80 per cent, meaning it will drink up any goodness from creams or serums you use afterwards.

I was talked through the procedure which involves using a scalpel to take off a layer of dead skin and hair, followed by Microneedling with a dermaroller, then a lymphatic massage and finally a hyaluronic acid mask to hydrate and finish off.

I'm told that for me, the Million Dollar Facial will create a nice base for my makeup to glide on to and "make me look more refreshed".

I was a bit concerned about having the hair scalpelled off of my face, worrying that days later I would develop a beard. I can report this has not been the case as promised.

The dermaplane process, of using the scalpel didn't hurt at all. I can only compare it with the feeling of the tip of a pen running over your face. If anything, it felt very satisfying especially when I was shown the amount of dead skin and vellus hair that was removed.

After this, the Million Dollar serum was applied and so began the lovely lymphatic massage on my face. I very nearly drifted off to dreamland.

The idea of the massage is to get the blood flowing and help speed up the process of removing toxins from the face, leaving it looking dewy.

Then came the needles. The small dermaroller looked inconspicuous until closer inspection - it has hundreds, if not thousands of teeny tiny needles all over it.

Microneedling, really wasn't uncomfortable. I mainly found it quite ticklish. It really didn’t take long and I managed to not laugh or wince while it made its way round my skin twice.

After this, a clay like hyaluronic acid mask was slathered on, and left to set. I thought it might burn a bit - what with it having acid in its title - but it gave a refreshing cool, soothing sensation. This felt like a perfect and natural end to a refreshing treatment.

Sitting up and looking in the mirror after my Million Dollar Facial, I did look rather pink, though it had mostly subsided within 45 minutes.

I could definitely see a difference - the light was bouncing off my cheeks and the skin was oh so smooth - dolphin skin was suggested.

You are not meant to wear makeup for at least 12 hours but up to 72 hours afterwards for best effect. You are also advised to use a non-perfumed moisturiser or serum following the treatment as well as applying SPF.

The next day, I rolled out of bed looking awake - which is not usual. I usually wear quite a heavy foundation however, my skin was dewy and bright, and I didn't need the foundation I use as a daily ritual.

Although I don't have wrinkles (yet), I noticed that my forehead felt tighter and looked smoother than usual.

I caught myself sneaking a look at myself in my phone screen throughout the day, watching as the light subtly reflected off my cheekbones like they do when I wear a decent highlighter.

All the glam, and no makeup - what a winner. I can honestly say I was won over by this treatment and can whole heartedly recommend it to all of my clients. I am also impressed that the products are vegan friendly.

The beauty of the Million Dollar Facial is you can just have it as a one off - whether for a treat, before a big event or for a pamper day with friends. For those who want to feel the benefits of the treatment long term, you can have it every four to six weeks.

Ruthie Xx

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