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Feeling a Million Dollars

I had one week before my best friend’s wedding. I was going to be a bridesmaid and a professional photographer’s camera lens would capture that moment in time forever. This is the ultimate test for the Million Dollar facial.

I came into the clinic a little nervous and perhaps a little naive as to what to expect. My skin is generally pretty good, however I do suffer with congestion on my T-Zone and can be sensitive to certain ingredients. I wanted my skin to feel flawless on the day of the wedding, look great in photos and for my makeup to last from dusk till dawn. Even before I booked in, both Ruth and Emma assured me that the Million Dollar Facial would be the perfect solution for my concerns. I have had facials before, but not such a ‘medical’ facials that would provide such immediate results.

I arrived to the clinic on a Saturday afternoon, when the sun was shining and my spf was slathered. I took careful note to skip my usual exfoliation treatment in the days leading up to the facial, as I didn’t want my skin to overreact. On arrival, I sat down with Ruth for a conversation about the treatment and my current skincare routine. As I had a couple of questions on the pain and aftercare of the treatment, Ruth showed me the tools that she would be using throughout, including a little scalpel and the microneedling roller tool. It was comforting to know that all of them were fresh for me and would be for one use only - that in itself completely put me at ease! After gently rolling both tools over my thumb, I was relieved to know that the pain would be minimal. No wincing so far!

On aftercare, my main concern was whether I would break out after the facial. Usually after facials, my skin usually has a ‘purging’ phase to get rid of the nasties, before it glows. However, with under a week to go until the big day, I only had time to glow. After expressing my concerns, Ruth divulged a statistic: usually your skin only absorbs up to 8% of skincare, due to the dead skin cells and peach fuzz that lies on your face, and that after the treatment this would increase to over 80% - wow! In terms of skincare, it was incredible knowing that the money I invest in lotions and potions would be put to good use after all, however it also highlighted the importance of ensuring that my skin is fully cleansed at the end of each day and that no traces of makeup are left behind. No breakouts would happen, as long as I stuck to the double cleanse.

So, after signing a form and a few deep breaths, away we went with the Million Dollar Facial. After cleansing my skin, prepping it for exfoliation, a balm was applied so that the scalpel could easily glide over my skin and remove the skin cells smoothly. I don’t know why I was nervous!

I can honestly say that this process did not hurt one bit. If I were to describe the sensation, it’s almost like using a cool plastic spatula on your face. That is how painless it is. Ruth easily slid across my face in all the nooks and creases, removing all that dead skin and peach fuzz.

After the dermaplaning, Ruth applied a couple of serum and masks to soothe the face prior to the microneedling. I must admit this part of the facial was a little tender, especially around the temples and cheeks, but it is worth it. The reason why it hurts is simple really: the little needles on the roller create tiny punctures, in order to kick start your skin’s ‘healing process’. With the previous dermaplaning and applied serums on the skin beforehand, you provide your skin a great headstart on the process to heal and turn over new cells. It feels a little like getting a tattoo or scratching a sunburn. Uncomfortable but not awful.

The treatment ends with a cooling mask applied to the skin. My face felt plump and smooth, albeit a little pink. My face felt like I had spent the day in the sun and I slathered on the moisturiser afterwards - nothing unbearable right? After a couple of hours or so, the redness passed and my skin was left glowing. I happily applied makeup that evening with no reaction whatsoever - result! I couldn’t stop touching my face and my friends asked why I had such a glow. My skin never felt so smooth, plump and fresh.

One week later and it is time for the wedding. I felt confident enough to go barefaced for most of the working week and had minimal reaction (I didn’t apply enough moisturising serum in the first few days - after being a bit more generous those dry patches cleared!) On the day of the wedding, the makeup artist even commented on how easy it was to apply my base and that my skin drank the moisturiser straight away. Throughout the day, my skin stayed clear and the makeup didn’t budge at all, despite it being hot and me dancing the night away. I can’t wait to see the photos and be thankful to have not a spot or crease in sight!! Would I have it done again? Definitely! I think it is the perfect facial if you are looking for immediate results before a special occasion. My nerves beforehand were immediately put at ease by the professional yet friendly nature of Emma and Ruth. I may be naive to the world of aesthetics, but they were more than happy to answer my questions and transform my once bumpy and congested skin, into a smooth canvas that I feel confident in.


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