Man Doing Blood Test

COVID-19 Antibody Testing 

Convenient Finger Prick Home Testing

Rapid Covid-19 Antibody Diagnostic Test

This rapid point-of-care antibody blood test detects two types of antibodies, IgG (past infection) and IgM (current/recent infection).

Benefits of antibody testing:

  • Clinical Sensitivity (Accuracy for COVID-19 antibody detection) – 98.66%

  • Clinical Specificity – 99.82%

  • Rapid result with single finger prick in approximately 10 minutes

  • CE certified

  • MHRA approved

Assisting with your return to work strategy:

-Knowing if you or your colleagues have had the Coronavirus

-Helping to ensure a safe working environment

For optimum results, the test should be performed at 14 days or more following symptoms. If a positive test result is obtained and there is concern about current infection, we advise performing a PCR swab test.

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